Soon we will cross over from winter into spring – although, judging by the temperature this week we’ve skipped spring altogether! With spring always comes talk of diets…and I know, diets (or working with a PR person?) might not seem too exciting.

But humour me for five minutes of your time (depending on how fast you read!), and I think you’ll be glad you did.

1. At first, it might be a little bit uncomfortable.

When you start to think about working on your business’s image and changing the way you are perceived, there might be a few uncomfortable moments. Bringing on a ‘third party perspective’ could very well uncover a few things about your business that hadn’t been apparent before, like those love handles that crept up on you. But this isn’t pain without gain – it’s our job to push you that little bit beyond your comfort zone so that you can really start kicking goals.

2. After a while, you will start to have ‘skinny days’.

This is when you’ve got through the uncomfortable season of tweaking your brand, collating some great new materials and putting yourself out there (although we think all of those things are great fun!). You’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror (or have a client compliment you) and think wow, is that really me?

3. It eventually becomes a lifestyle.

While any change to the way you do things can feel uncomfortable at first, after time you don’t even notice that you’re doing anything differently (and you can’t believe you haven’t done this before!). Marketing your business and putting an effort in will eventually just become another part of your life.

4. Then you run into someone you haven’t seen for years and they say ‘wow, you’re looking amazing’!

This is when it all pays off – you win a huge new contract, you end up with a shiny award in your cabinet, or you start to reel in new clients via word-of-mouth. And while you might remember a few hunger pains, it is totally worth it. Isn’t it?

Summer bodies are allegedly made in winter – but the best businesses (and bodies too!) work on themselves all year round. It’s not about what you lose, it’s what you will gain!