Communications (you could also call it marketing, PR or social media) strategy is a finicky beast. If you don’t get it right, your business will suffer. But it’s not just a set and forget deal…

You need to have a clear roadmap for where your business is going, and then tell people how to follow you there.

(If you do know how to get there but don’t have the time, you’re on the wrong page – click here instead.)

Communications strategy could look like:

  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Reviewing your competitors and creating a gap analysis
  • Creating an information architecture plan for your website
  • Assessing the hidden promotional skills in your business
  • Considering the way you present yourself to the market
  • Discovering who your true audience is
  • Finding out how to talk to your audience once you know who they are

The possibilities are endless. But no matter what the process looks like (and every business is different), the end result will be the same – a tailored communications strategy for your business that encompasses marketing, public relations, branding and social media.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, contact me today and we’ll discuss communications strategy over coffee.