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Stay away from the windows…

18 November 2013

I consider myself to have lived a fairly sheltered life. I was brought up in a wonderful loving home with wonderful parents – when I think of my childhood I think of happiness.

But when I was eighteen (oh so many years ago!), there was one particularly tough summer. My father had to have brain surgery in Victoria (and that’s a whole another story in itself), and my mother went with to care for him during the long recovery before he could travel home. This meant that my younger sister and I were left alone – but I was a responsible adult so it was all okay.

I really don’t remember much about the incident, but the bone-chilling terror is something I will never forget.

It was night-time, and I was up doing a university assignment at my computer while my sister slept in the next room.

I’m not sure what made me turn towards the window…perhaps a sixth sense that something was out there. But turn I did, and there I saw a sight that I will never forget.

There was a man, standing in a dark hoodie. Unmoving, unblinking, and just looking in the window.

I did what any vulnerable eighteen-year-old would have done – I ran, immediately put my back up against a wall in my sister’s bedroom, grabbed the phone and called the police. I did not move from where I was until a police officer knocked on the door, and even then I did so extremely reluctantly.

I later found out that a group of my male ‘friends’ had thought it would be funny to give me a fright, seeing as I was home alone.

I don’t count any of them as friends today, and I am not sorry about that loss one single bit.

I still can’t go up to an open window at night without feeling a little of that terror in the pit of my stomach.

Just like Kerri (who kindly hosts this #MyFirst link-up), I only need to close my eyes and I’m right back there.

If I had the moment over to re-do again, I don’t know what I would have done. Part of me likes to think I would have channelled all my courage like a Disney princess and stared down the bad guy – but I think that only happens in movies.