Public Relations

Public relations isn’t necessarily what you might think it is – particularly when it comes to your business. Whether the term ‘public relations’ conjures up images of lavish client events, or spin doctors from Mad Men…it’s actually a lot simpler than that.

Public relations is just the business of building relationships – either with your clients, or people who are impacted by your business, or perhaps potential investors, governments and beyond.

How can I help you do this? Sometimes a third-party perspective on all of this is helpful. I can help you identify key stakeholders, strategise on ways to approach or better your relationships with those stakeholders, and then finally help you execute that plan.

This might look like a lavish client event, a media release, reacting to a crisis, holding a press event, exhibiting at a trade show, creating a media kit or just arranging to have lunch with the right person.

If you don’t excel as a business owner at this sort of thing, that’s where I come in. Every business has different public relations needs, so contact me today to find out more.