Bowen Basin Mining Club

Bowen Basin Mining Club

Public Relations

Joyful Communications has enjoyed a long working relationship with the Mackay-based Bowen Basin Mining Club, handling all public relations since 2015.

This includes regular event media releases (writing and distribution), as well as hands-on event attendance and assistance. We’ve also helped the BBMC with a couple of exciting project-based campaigns, including:

2016 Queensland Mining Contractors Awards

The Queensland Mining Contractor Awards were held in July 2016, alongside the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition in Mackay. Joyful Communications assisted with the promotional campaign to drive a record amount of Award entries, as well as copywriting for judging packs and entry submission forms.

2017 Adani Supplier Roadshow

In early 2017, Joyful Communications worked alongside the Bowen Basin Mining Club to promote and execute the Adani Supplier Roadshow. We visited 5 cities in 3 days, and spoke to several thousand people from Regional Queensland about upcoming supplier opportunities within Adani’s Galilee Basin projects. This project had a short turnaround, commencing just before the holiday season in December and executing in mid to late January.


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December 1, 2017

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