Joyful Communications turned two over the weekend – what an exciting milestone!

The past two years have been a whirlwind of learning, meeting new clients and colleagues alike, and I’m proud to say I still enjoy what I do just as much (if not even more) as when I started out.

However, I’ve been realising that the Joyful Communications brand needed to grow, just as the business was growing. My original logo was something I designed myself – and as a copywriter, I make an okay graphic designer, but I’m by no means a professional!

Drumroll please…I’d like to introduce Joyful Communications 2.0. You’ll be seeing this logo on business cards, emails, invoices, website, social pages and pretty much everywhere Joyful is!

Just for fun, let’s look back at a snapshot of the last two years:

  • I’ve written, submitted (and won) many tenders and award entries, on behalf of clients and on behalf of Joyful – okay, at last count it was 30+.
  • Helped write compelling websites for mining contractors, equipment dealers, accountants, builders, pest controllers, real estate agents, cafes, and more.
  • Capability statements are the name of the game – there have been more than 10 of those babies written, designed and sent out into the world.
  • Although Joyful isn’t an events-focused PR agency, I’ve helped run a 5-day roadshow, product launches, a national awards night and multiple networking luncheons.
  • Abundant ads were composed; many media releases were published and several social media and marketing strategies were written and executed.
  • I took some time out to attend the 2016 World Bank and IMF annual forums as part of a scholarship with Global Voices.
  • I completed a Masters degree in Public Relations, while working (more than) full-time.
  • I’ve conducted marketing workshops to reshape brands and inspire businesses – there’s been at least 7 of those!

And a few bonus fun facts:

  • The longest way I’ve gone to help a client: literally speaking, I have travelled to Melbourne, Moranbah, Townsville and even to the other side of Rockhampton. Figuratively, I always go out of my way. 😉
  • The most common thing I’ve heard: ‘This tender/website/ad needs to be finished by tomorrow, can you help?’
  • The most random place I’ve submitted a job: This is a tie between Brisbane International Airport, seconds before boarding a flight and the hammock on my front verandah (look, the #laptoplife isn’t always bad!).

A big happy birthday to Joyful Communications, and a big thank-you to the clients who have come along for the ride so far. I couldn’t do it without you! Have some cake today on me.