I’m all about the third-party perspective – whether that’s casting a second eye over important documents or helping to craft award-winning submissions.

If you have plenty of content but need that content to be refined, I can help.

I’ve written plenty of tenders, for corporate and government audiences, with a great success rate. I’ve also written feature articles for industry publications and winning submissions for industry awards and competitions.

How is copywriting different to editorial?

Great question – the main difference between the two is whether or not you’ve already started on your content. Working on existing copy is a different beast to starting completely fresh.

I don’t mess around with editorial – I’ll always talk straight with you about the real issues that are standing between you and effective promotion of your business.

Through editorial advice, we will work on fixing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I make it my mission to be as honest as possible with you. Branding and communications for small business is critical to business success, and it’s often simpler than you may think.

Contact me today and we’ll (straight) talk.