I know that you don’t particularly want to write those pages for your new website. Or that upcoming tender. Or that media release, that annual report, that business plan or that social media post…you know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s where I come in with words to make you smile.

I take the brief of where your document or publication needs to be, and then take care of the rest. If business writing or copywriting (I like to just say ‘words’) aren’t what you do best, worry no more…work with me and you can be joyful.

(Yes, cheesy. But you smiled at least a little bit, didn’t you?)

As far as experience goes, I’ve written for local government, small businesses (by the dozen), growing businesses, non-profit organisations, and plenty of overworked marketing managers.

So yes, I can be absolutely serious as well if that’s what your document (or your client) requires. Just ask me about my tender writing success rate! It’s all about finding the right audience, and then writing to that audience.

Email me today to get started, or let’s connect on social media if you’re not convinced just yet.