Sarah-Joy brings a smile and a sense of fun to everything she does…hence the name Joyful Communications. With over 7 years’ experience in public relations, marketing, TV production and journalism and event planning, Sarah-Joy adds value to her clients’ projects with her unique insights and point of view.

Finalist in a televised National Spelling Competition at the tender age of 7, a career in communications and copywriting was inevitable for Sarah-Joy. She is also a passionate Central Queenslander and volunteers her time with the TEDxRockhampton organising team and several local networking groups.

Sarah-Joy can be found working at coffee shops around Rockhampton, on anything from million-dollar tenders to blog posts, capability statements, marketing plans, product promotions, media releases and more.


Interesting Facts about Sarah-Joy

  • She earned her Masters in Public Relations at 26 and her Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication before 21.
  • She was an attendee at the 2016 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, as part of a Global Voices scholarship.
  • Once upon a time, she wrote a newspaper column on married life.
  • She’s a contributor on Flying Solo, the Australian microbusiness community.
  • She spelt the word ‘zephyr’ wrong in that televised spelling competition and still winces whenever she thinks about it.
  • Although she edits at least ten resumes for family and friends each year, she’s never actually been successful in a job application (but at the same time has never been without work – go figure that one out).

And with that, Sarah-Joy has decided she can’t possibly talk about herself in the third person anymore.

In fact, I don’t want to talk about myself…I want to talk about you and your business! And more importantly, I want to get other people talking about your business in exactly the way you want them to.

Connect with me on social media (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn) or just use the Contact page, and let’s have a conversation.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m all about the words.