The Three C’s of Communication (possibly…?)

The Three C’s of Communication (possibly…?)

You know that moment when you can only remember two-thirds of a very important saying?

We came across that moment earlier this week when talking to a client. The three C’s of communication are a principle that any comms person worth their salt learned in university…and hopefully retained for use in their working life.


We were trying to list out the Three C’s with no luck…so we did what most people would do in this situation and turned to the mighty Internet to help solve our problem.


The first result told us that the Three C’s were definitely consistency, clarity, and courtesy. I’d never heard of courtesy being included, so we moved along to the second result.

This was quite similar, stating that the Three C’s of effective communication were clarity, consistency and confidence. We already knew about clarity and consistency (they were the only two we could remember to start with!), but again, confidence didn’t sound quite right.

So we moved to the third result, which said clear, consistent and customer-centric communication was the way to go.

Of course, by this stage we were in stitches of laughter and no closer to the actual answer.

For those of you who are interested, the fifth result finally gave us the answer that we were looking for – clear, consistent and concise communication is what you’re after.

But if you ask the Internet, the third C could be anything: croissant, cookie, community, coffee (I think that’s not a bad one myself!).

Lesson learned: research is important when one decides to use the Internet as their source of information. Whatever the first result tells you may not necessarily be the correct answer!

And, of course, lesson re-learned: clear, consistent, concise communication!


This post was originally published by Sarah-Joy for Generate PR.