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owner of joyful communications.

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Public relations is probably not what you think it is: it’s a move away from advertising and into the arms of the ultimate corporate wingman.


If it’s to do with business and it involves words, I can help. Think websites, capability statements, newsletters, tenders, brochures, blog posts and more.


You’ve got the expertise to win tenders and awards, plus the know-how to make an impact in your industry. Sometimes your words just need a helping hand…


Your business communication efforts should have the bigger picture in mind – whether that’s your overall strategy or your brand direction.

About Me

Sarah-Joy brings a smile and a sense of fun to everything she does…hence the name Joyful Communications. 

While she primarily has experience in writing for industry, trades, government and corporate clients, Sarah-Joy is extremely adaptable to any copywriting challenge presented, and prides herself on always meeting a (realistic) deadline.

Need someone to work on your PR, marketing or comms strategy?

Women in public relations – Roxy, Kate, Samantha or Olivia?

In week 2, we took a look at public relations as a profession. I know, technically it’s Week 3 but I wrote at least 80% of this post in Week 2! Stay tuned for Week 3 later this week. This week's content covers where public relations began, what it's become as a...

What is public relations?

I've decided to start a new series - I'm calling it #learningfromteaching. I'm teaching an Introduction to Public Relations subject at CQUniversity this year. This is an exciting challenge but also one that's making me go 'back to basics'. I was trying to brainstorm a...

Go Joyful, it’s your birthday…

Joyful Communications turned two over the weekend – what an exciting milestone! The past two years have been a whirlwind of learning, meeting new clients and colleagues alike, and I’m proud to say I still enjoy what I do just as much (if not even more) as when I...

Turning brilliant conference ideas into post-conference action

I recently spent a few days in Sydney for Australia’s first-ever copywriting conference, CopyCon. It was a fantastic event, put on by the marvellous Kate Toon, and attended by a fantastic group of business writers from all over Australia. Naturally, being writers,...

The $8 billion gap: Why we need to change how we think about women in our workforce

Women outnumber men in tertiary education, but not in the workforce. That’s a wasted opportunity. Sarah-Joy Pierce crunches the numbers and finds the disparity is costing billions.  If someone told you that your company could make $8 billion more per year, how quickly...

Why engaging a PR consultant is like dieting

Soon we will cross over from winter into spring - although, judging by the temperature this week we’ve skipped spring altogether! With spring always comes talk of diets…and I know, diets (or working with a PR person?) might not seem too exciting. But humour me for...

Why I’m changing my job title (and it’s not just because I can)

The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They’re always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing. – Robert Kiyosaki     Part of the beauty of being in business for yourself is the freedom to decide what you want to do. Feel...

The lionfish lesson: Tips for writing a business blog post

At the moment, I’m researching cruises as a holiday option, and thanks to clever Google advertising (and more than likely creepy behaviour tracking algorithms), I’m now quite regularly shown blogs and content marketing from cruise lines. I’m totally enjoying it. Most...

The Three C’s of Communication (possibly…?)

You know that moment when you can only remember two-thirds of a very important saying? We came across that moment earlier this week when talking to a client. The three C’s of communication are a principle that any comms person worth their salt learned in...

3 things we can learn from Essena O’Neill quitting Instagram

This post was first published on Flying Solo, Australia's microbusiness community. This week we saw a rare sight – an ‘Instagram star’ (yes, that’s a real thing) dramatically quitting the platform and declaring that the photos of her perfect life were mostly fake. If...

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